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Cobra: Cyberwar | Preview (Sky Max)

The official trailer has been revealed for COBRA: CYBERWAR, an action-packed and suspenseful Sky Original drama coming to Sky Max and streaming service NOW, with all six episodes available on 15th October.

The show’s second series stars Robert Carlyle as Prime Minster Robert Sutherland and Victoria Hamilton as his Chief of Staff Anna Marshall, and an ensemble cast featuring Richard Dormer as Fraser Walker, Head of Civil Contingencies, David Haig as Archie Glover-Morgan, Marsha Thomason as Francine Bridge, Director of Policy and Richard Pepple as Joseph Obasi, Home Secretary.

In the aftermath of both solar and political storms, Prime Minister Robert Sutherland attempts to steer the country on a more even course. He is assisted, as ever, by his loyal Chief of Staff Anna Marshall alongside a team of dedicated advisers.

An assassination on British soil, however, unleashes a chain of events that threatens to develop into a crisis even more serious than the one from which the country has recently emerged. An invisible global enemy, not playing by the rules and operating outside national boundaries, appears to be bent on our destruction, leaving an entire country unsure as to who is friend and who is foe.

All six episodes of the second series of COBRA: CYBERWAR will be available on 15th October on Sky Max and streaming service NOW


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