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Clive Myrie’s Caribbean Adventure | Preview (BBC Two)

Clive Myrie will be making a triumphant return to early peak BBC Two in 2024 with the second series of his travel odyssey, this time from the heart of the Caribbean islands. In Clive Myrie’s Caribbean Adventure, Clive will be exploring his personal connection with this beautiful part of the world.

In this 15x30 series, Clive will take viewers on a deep journey across four islands, unearthing his family roots and forging personal connections with each unique location.

From the vibrant streets of Cuba to the nightlife of Jamaica, the lush landscapes of the Dominican Republic and the beach paradise of Barbados, Clive will explore it all. He will indulge his love of vintage cars in Cuba, experience how Jamaican music has changed the world, plunge into Carnival in Dominican Republic and experience the future of rum in Barbados.

Both of Clive’s parents came to the UK from Jamaica in the early 1960s but he’s only visited on a handful of occasions. He’ll travel in his mum and dad’s footsteps, track down family members he’s never met and spend time with his sister Judith, who recently moved back to Jamaica from the UK.

Clive will also explore his connection to Cuba. He knows one of his granddads spent time there, but beyond that is a bit of family mystery. While Clive’s there he’ll also learn about the indigenous Taino people – some of the first inhabitants of much of the Caribbean.

Meanwhile, in the Dominican Republic, where the Afro-Caribbean story begins, Clive will get a birds eye view of the oldest city in the Americas, dive into Dominican Santeria – a heady blend of African and European religious belief - and get hands on in a banana farm.

Finally, in Barbados, Clive will delve into the paradox of this popular tourist destination – the vivid signs of British culture all around, and Barbados’s recent drift away from British influence and the Commonwealth. He’ll join a cliff top retreat with second generation Brits who’ve reversed their parents’ journey and returned to live in the Caribbean, and he’ll be swimming with race-horses.

Clive Myrie said: “I can’t wait to share my journey and the beauty of the Caribbean – a place I’m proud to call my ancestral home. It’s been such an amazing experience exploring this lush part of the world and I’ve loved discovering more about the communities and traditions behind each place. I hope viewers enjoy the incredible landscapes and people who make-up this slice of paradise.”

Clive Myrie’s Caribbean Adventure (15 x 30 ) begins Monday 27th May on BBC Two.


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