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Charles R: The Making Of A Monarch | Preview (BBC One)

To mark the forthcoming Coronation, this sixty minute documentary ‘Charles R: The Making of a Monarch’ tells the story of King Charles III's more than seven decades as heir to the throne.

During that period, every step of Charles' life was captured on camera and his words recorded: from newsreel to home movies from interviews to documentaries - both about him and by him. This sixty minute documentary brings together a wealth of material, much rarely seen or unseen.

The result is an immersive and revealing retrospective in which we hear Charles talk, from the age of 20 through to the present day, about the key experiences in his life and the people and events that shaped how he saw his role.

He reflects on his formative years from life at home with his family, his singular education, early experiences as a fledgling working royal, his time in the military and the roots of the many passions and causes that have been a feature of his time as Prince of Wales.

As heir to the throne, Charles was aware from an early age not just of the responsibilities that came with the role but the challenge of defining it.

This film reveals his own perspective as Charles championed the causes close to his heart. It sheds light on how his own character and personality have informed and how his role has evolved; long lost audio recordings reveal the Prince on many topics from the role of monarchy to his early initiations into public service.

Through a treasure chest of sources, ‘Charles R: The Making of a Monarch’ brings into focus the real personality of the man behind the Crown.

Charles R: The Making of a Monarch airs Sunday 30th April at 8pm on BBC One.


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