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A Very Brassic Christmas | Preview (Sky Max)

Nobody does Christmas like the Brassic gang.

The plan is to kick back, relax and enjoy life to the max. But then comes the inevitable. A call from Dr Chris saying his aunt is in crisis and needs looking after and a robbery at Tyler’s school ruining his nativity.

Vinnie, Erin Tommo, Cardi, Carol Ashely and JJ must now bring on their A Game and help save Christmas the Brassic way. Bring on a heist at a winter wonderland, a fight with a man called Dick Dolphin, babysitting Chris’s Aunt and the best Nativity ever staged.

This extra special Brassic Christmas episode co-stars Imelda Staunton as Aunt Edie and Greg Davies as Dick Dolphin.

Brassic airs Thursday 21st December on Sky Max.


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