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Bay Of Fires | Preview (ITVX)

Set in the wilds of Tasmania, this series’s lead character is Stella Heikkinen, a woman whose fall from grace is as spectacular as it is life-threatening.

Betrayed by her own company and in immediate danger, single mother-of-two Stella has no option but to move her young family to the last place on Earth anyone would expect. This town isn’t the kind of place they put on postcards - this is a tiny community rife with simmering feuds, crime, and sometimes murder...

Starring alongside Marta Dusseldorp is acclaimed actress Kerry Fox (Conversations with Friends), Toby Leonard Moore (Billions), Rachel House (Stateless), Yael Stone (Orange is the New Black), Nicholas Bell (The Newsreader), Tony Barry (Harrow), Oscar Redding (The Twelve).

Plus Bob Franklin (Please Like Me) Kim Ko (Wentworth), Matt Nable (Mr Inbetween), Stephen Curry (June Again), Roz Hammond (How to Please as Woman), Pamela Rabe ( Wentworth), Robert Rabiah (Safe Harbour) Emily Taheny (Shaun Micallef’s Mad as Hell), Nikolai Nikolaeff (Stranger Things) Andre de Vanny (Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries).

And Ilai Swindells (Retrograde), Anthony Sharpe (Fires), and Rhys Muldoon (Les Norton). Rounding out the cast are rising stars Imi Mbedla (Australia’s Got Talent), Ava Caryofyllis (Dirt Music), Mackenzie Grant (The Next Step), Ben Knight (Upper Middle Bogan) Peter Sammak (Rake), Jalen Sutcliffe (Black Comedy) and newcomer Mitchem Everett.

Lands 23rd May on ITVX.


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