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Barry Humphries: The Last Laugh | Preview (ITV1)

Following the passing of Barry Humphries in April, this brandnew documentary aims to offer an intimate, personal and honest look back at the life and work of one of the funniest and most iconic performers of our times.

The film will relive classic moments from signature characters Dame Edna Everage and Sir Les Patterson and uncover gems from the many interviews Barry gave as himself that were often illuminating and equally hilarious.

Adored by millions - but perhaps known by few - Barry constantly shifted the lines between where the characters ended and his own personality began, making it a challenge for interviewers to get under the skin of the man himself.

This documentary sets out to shed light on the real person behind his famous personas, searching for the roots of his characters in his suburban Australian upbringing, exploring how his absurdist artistic student years helped develop his outrageous outfits and stage shows, and understanding how his relationship with his mother drove his hunger for adulation and, ultimately, validation.

The film aims to offer an insight into Barry’s complexities which saw him encounter challenges in his personal life and public controversies throughout his career, during which his immense talent and quick wits propelled him to enormous success in the UK, his homeland, Australia and in the US.

This heartfelt documentary will give viewers an opportunity both to remember and discover more about a towering figure in entertainment whose unique performances spread laughter over multiple continents throughout many decades.

Barry Humphries: The Last Laugh will air on ITV1 at 10pm on Christmas Day.


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