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The Dangerous Rise of Andrew Tate | Preview (BBC Three)

Taking viewers into the compound in Romania where he was recently arrested, and speaking to women who allege abuse by him, this documentary explores the dangerous rise of Andrew Tate.

This film has been years in the making, tracking the rise of Andrew Tate through the meteoric growth of his online following. Invited into Tate’s compound in Romania, where he was recently arrested, journalist Matt Shea enters the world of the social media personality’s multi-level marketing scheme and webcam business.

The filmmakers question Tate, challenging him on his stance regarding the treatment of women which have become a central aspect of his personal brand as well as business practices.

Matt Shea meets two women who reported Andrew Tate to UK police in 2015, alleging sexual assault and physical abuse at the time – allegations he strongly denied.

This documentary offers one of the first public platforms for these women to tell their stories. Airs Tuesday 21st February at 10pm on BBC Three.

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