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Piglets is a brand new 6 x 30 comedy, set in a fictional police training college. From Monicker Pictures and the award-winning team behind Smack The Pony and Green Wing.

The show will simultaneously drop as a full series box set on ITVX and air weekly on ITV1 primetime. The government’s stated policy of recruiting 20,000 new police officers in double quick time has not come at the cost of lowering standards. Or has it?

‘Piglets’ follows a newly recruited group of six very different would-be cops and the handful of key staff whose thankless task it is to knock them into some kind of shape.  


Heading up the cast are Sarah Parish and Mark Heap as no-nonsense Superintendent Julie Spry and some-nonsense Superintendent Bob Weekes, whose job it is to oversee the training of the next batch of new recruits.


Those new recruits are Steph (played by Callie Cooke), Leggo (Sam Pote), Geeta (Sukh Kaur Ojla) Afia (Halema Hussain), Dev (Abdul Sessay) and Paul (Jamie Bisping).


Working alongside Superintendents Julie Spry and Bob Weekes are Head of Admin Melanie (Rebecca Humphries) and police trainers Mike & Daz (Ukweli Roach and Ricky Champ).


Piglets is written by Robert Harley, James Henry, Oriane Messina, Victoria Pile, Richard Preddy and Fay Rusling - the team responsible for Green Wing and Campus (Channel 4) - and ITV’s Comedy Writers Initiative candidate Omar Khan, also a recent winner of an International Emmy (the Sir Peter Ustinov Award for writers under 30).  


The creative team also worked closely with a writers room ‘annexe’ consisting of four new writers Abiola Ogunbiyi, Nusrath Tapadar, Farhan Solo and Alex Bertulis-Fernandes who were also a product of ITV’s Comedy Writers Initiative, which aims to promote new writers currently underrepresented in comedy. 


The series is directed by Sam Leifer and Victoria Pile, produced by Victoria Pile, with executive producers Robert Harley, Caroline Leddy, and Sam Leifer.


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