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ITV announce two specials of Piers Morgan’s Life Stories, to air next month.

Piers Morgan will sit down and talk with FA Cup Winner turned Actor, Vinnie Jones and national hero Captain Sir Tom Moore.

In a new intimate Life Stories special, the first time a guest has ever returned, Vinnie will re-join Piers as he talks about how his life has changed irrevocably since his last appearance on the show om 2009, trying to come to terms with grieving for the loss of his soulmate, Tanya and what the future now holds.

Captain Sir Tom Moore will join Piers Morgan, who he has spoken with regularly on Good Morning Britain along his incredible journey, in the studio as they discuss his remarkable life from WW2 hero to a 2020 national inspiration.

Piers Morgan said: "I am absolutely thrilled to be interviewing two such great British characters. I’ve known Vinnie for over 30 years and Captain Tom for just a few months, but I’m a huge admirer of the way both men have handled the highs and lows of their lives and these promise to be very emotional and inspiring shows.’" Katie Rawcliffe said “Piers Morgan's Life Stories are always an in-depth and sincere look into fascinating characters' lives, and these two won't disappoint. Both Vinnie and Captain Tom promise to be special, heartfelt episodes and what better way to celebrate the return of this much loved series."

Piers Morgan’s Life Stories will air next month on ITV.


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