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In this brand new six-part ITV series, Paul O’Grady shares the beautiful sights, stories and secrets of his beloved adopted home county, Kent. 

With foreign holidays off the cards, Paul’s heading off in search of thrills, spills and misadventure on his very own doorstep, from his Kent farm.  He will escape across all corners of the county to discover the weird, wonderful, extraordinary and unusual gems that Kent has to offer.

From exploring some of the county’s extraordinary scenery and wildlife to unearthing quirky tales of local history and tradition – Paul is on a mission to share the ultimate Kent staycation and lots of laughter along the way.

In episode one, Paul kicks-off his adventure by taking to the skies in style, hacking hops, meeting a moody sea eagle and learning the secrets behind a stunning historical castle.

Paul says: “I was born in a quaint little hamlet called Tranmere in Birkenhead and when I grew up I emigrated down south and had quite a good fling with London for a few years. Then I found myself down here in Kent and I’ve been here for over 20 happy years, I love the place.” 

Paul decides the best way to experience the beautiful Kent countryside is from the air and he takes to the skies in a 1935 Tiger Moth plane, previously used for training pilots in the war. 

Paul says: “I tell you what, my old dad would be proud if he was alive, because he was in the RAF in the war.”

Paul also enjoys the immaculate gardens and intriguingly shaped topiary trees, before agreeing to pick up some shears and lend a hand. There is just the small matter of not getting lost in the castle maze…

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