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If you missed it - March 2022

As exclusively revealed by TV Zone last month, ITV have officially announced a rebooted series of Ninja Warrior UK. Read our original report here.

The physical competition show will return to ITV for its sixth series. The show launched in 2015 and proved a hit with viewers, running for five series until 2019 where it was seemingly decommissioned.

Now, ITV are rebooting the show, based on the format of the Japanese game show Sasuke, for a fresh batch of contestants to take on the iconic course. Original presenters Ben Shephard, Chris Kamara and Rochelle Humes will all return to present.

The revamped format will feature both the hunt for a female and a male champions for the first time. The contestants will also face a team of professional Ninja Warrior athletes in head-to-head races.

ITV's Head Of Entertainment, Kate Rawcliffe, said: "This all new, enhanced and reinvigorated series of Ninja Warrior UK contains all the electricity, excitement and entertainment needed to make it compulsive Saturday night viewing."

Ben Shephard said: "Ninja Warrior is a global phenomenon and one of the most fun and physically demanding shows on TV. The new format on ITV will see our daredevil contestants racing over challenging obstacles like you've never seen before...

"The Lycra and Ninja headbands are back - and that's just for me and Kammy! Seriously, I can't wait to be back alongside Kammy and Rochelle - it's going to be epic."

Rochelle Humes said: “This new series of Ninja Warrior UK is going to be incredible. We have such a wonderful passionate fan base, and we just can’t wait to show them what we have in store – I think they’ll be surprised and thrilled in equal measure as they discover the new challenges. And with Ben and Kammy by my side, I know it’s going to be great fun!”

Chris Kamara said: “I’m so excited about the return of Ninja Warrior UK, it’s always a blast getting to see these incredibly fit humans coming onto the course thinking it’ll be a breeze, but little do they know it never is!..

"Especially in this new series, with an even more difficult course and a brand-new format. I can’t wait to re-join my old pals Ben and Rochelle and see who will be crowned Ninja Warrior UK Male and Female Champions.”

Exec Producer, Michael Kelpie, said: "There is no other show like Ninja Warrior UK; it's bigger, tougher, more exciting than anything else on TV and proper Saturday night entertainment for the entire family...

"We're thrilled to be back with Ben, Kammy and Rochelle, filming in front of a full audience and with loads of exciting new surprises for this year's competitors - and, most importantly, for the viewers."

The original run included iconic obstacles including the 'warped wall' - the final obstacle in the qualifying course. The competitor who goes furthest fastest in the final being is declared Last Ninja Standing.

If a competitor completes the final obstacle, Mount Midoriyama, in under 45 seconds, they are crowned Ninja Warrior UK. So far, only one competitor has been crowned the winner, with Tim Champion beating Mount Midoryama in the latest series.

Ninja Warrior UK (8x60') returns later this year on ITV.

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