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Grab your oven mitts, whip out your whisks, sharpen your knives, and dust off your baking trays… BBC Factual has announced Nadiya’s Cook Once, Eat Twice (6x30’), produced by multi-award-winning Wall to Wall Media, and coming to BBC Two and iPlayer later this year.

In this crafty cookery series, beloved TV chef Nadiya Hussain is back on our screens and this time she’s showing the country how you can make your ingredients stretch further than you could ever imagine by sharing recipes that align with her philosophy ‘cook once and eat twice’.

We will see Nadiya spinning leftovers into exciting and genuinely new recipes that make eating something for the second time as enticing as the first; rustling up convenient batch friendly bakes and treats to eat now and freeze/store for later; or turning otherwise-wasted-ingredients into thrilling new meals encouraging us to make the most of every second we spend in the kitchen.

Each week will see Nadiya cook two inventive Cook Once, Eat Twice recipes. The first being a classic Nadiya recipe and the second being a quickfire recipe that is imaginatively created using the leftovers.

Across the rest of the programme there will be three more smart but delicious recipes offering solutions of how to cook more efficiently and economically, timely in today’s world where household budgets are being stretched to the maximum.

As always, Nadiya will be sharing her trademark tips and tricks throughout, demonstrating how we can make the most out of every ingredient, without compromising on fun, flavour or quality.

As well as Nadiya’s ingenuous shareable recipes, each week will offer viewers the chance to explore how other resourceful cooks and chefs, just like Nadiya, are tapping into the real-world trend of utilising leftovers and food scraps and turning them into mouth-watering creations that demonstrate how simple it is to be cost-savvy, whilst doing our bit to help to save the planet one recipe at a time.

Nadiya Hussain says: “Cook Once, Eat Twice really taps into the way I learnt to cook growing up. Nothing ever went to waste but we always had vibrant, wonderful food on the table. I love the challenge of creating a meal out of food scraps or giving our leftovers a new lease of life. It’s so much fun and it makes me feel good about the food I feed my family.”

Katy Fryer, Executive Producer for Wall to Wall Media, says “We are delighted to be working with Nadiya again on another joyful series. Her playful recipes help us waste less, spend less, and stretch our weekly shop to the max, while still delivering delicious meals for every occasion.”

Patrick McMahon, BBC Commissioning Editor, says: “We’re thrilled to welcome Nadiya back for more delicious recipes that this time put her own unique spin on reducing food waste. We can’t wait to see what helpful hacks she has to help stretch our ingredients and save time in the kitchen, while packing every mouthful with flavour.”

Nadiya’s Cook Once, Eat Twice is a 6x30’ series for BBC Two and iPlayer.


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