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Miles Nazaire: Obsessed With My Muscles | Preview (Channel 4)

In UNTOLD: Obsessed with my Muscles, Miles Nazaire from Made in Chelsea investigates the rising number of young people who are suffering with a little-known mental health disorder, Muscle Dysmorphia, also known as ‘Bigorexia’.

Miles tells his own story of living with the condition, with symptoms including extreme disordered eating, depression, social isolation, and plastic surgery procedures to help his never-ending quest for physical perfection.

Miles also investigates why it is apparently a blind spot amongst many health professionals in identifying or treating the condition.

Plus, he meets leading experts who explain what steps can be made to increase awareness within the medical healthcare community, as well as how to de-stigmatise the condition amongst the public so those suffering will feel more able to speak out and ask for help.

UNTOLD: Obsessed with my Muscles is available to stream on Channel 4 from today.


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