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Channel 4 have reportedly axed its competition format Make Me Prime Minister, which saw a dozen opinionated Brits with views from across the political spectrum put to the test to see what it really takes to operate in the cutthroat world of politics.

Make Me Prime Minister, which aired last Autumn, followed the ambitious candidates on the campaign trail, put through their paces in a series of prime ministerial style tasks designed to test their leadership skills, resilience, and integrity.

From handling diplomatic crises to avoiding domestic gaffes, every move was scrutinised by Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, Alastair Campbell, and the watching media. Across the series the candidates were whittled down until just one secures victory to be crowned Channel 4’s Alternative Prime Minister.

A source told The Sun: "“There was a sense that after having three prime ministers in just five weeks, the ­country had had enough jostling to reach the top of the greasy pole...

"With a concept that had never been seen before, the programme was always something of a TV experiment which could have been a success or a flop. But trailblazing Channel 4 are never afraid to risk failure and try out a new idea."

Make Me Prime Minister is available now on All4.

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