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Lingo is a brand-new quiz show hosted by Adil Ray where the simplest of words can win members of the public thousands of pounds. Lingo is addictive and fast paced, and viewers will be shouting at their TVs as they play along.

In each show, three pairs of contestants go head-to-head, in a battle of words. Using their powers of deduction, they must correctly and quickly work out the words that appear in the Lingo grids and Puzzlewords.

The Lingo computer gives contestants the first letter of different length words. The rest is in the hands of the contestants. They are up against the clock and Lingo rewards quick thinkers. If they correctly guess the word, they’ll bank money and increase their potential winnings.

Through three tense rounds the three pairs are whittled down to one winning couple. That winning pair then play in a nail-biting end game, where they have the opportunity to win the money they've banked earlier in the show, potentially even doubling their winnings. However, there are no guarantees on Lingo and in the dramatic finale they could end up going home with absolutely nothing or win thousands of pounds.

Pitted against each other in this episode are father and son Simon and Will from Oswestry, competition fanatic Sue and her husband Paul, and Maidstone mother and daughter Dawn and Regan.

Lingo begins New Year's Day at 4:35pm on ITV.


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