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Comedian, presenter and artist Joe Lycett will present Life Drawing Live! on BBC Two and BBC Four in a ground-breaking, live event this September, bringing the nations together for the UK’s largest ever live, life drawing masterclass.

After the success of last year’s programmes, where viewers sent in 30,000 artworks from home, this new two-hour special produced by Avanti, is bigger and bolder: broadcasting live across two channels, from English Heritage’s Wrest Park in Bedfordshire, where life models will disrobe and assume poses inspired by great works of art.

Joe Lycett will anchor the event across both channels, with Josie d’Arby assessing and selecting the work of those drawing from home. Artists Daphne Todd and Lachlan Goudie will be on hand to guide some famous faces through the poses.

On BBC Two, viewers can watch the amateur artists create their works as the experts share their knowledge and techniques. Plus in short films throughout the programme, artist Adebanji Alade will be encouraging people who think drawing is not for them to have a go.

If viewers want to join in and draw along at home, Josie and BBC Four will be at the heart of the class with ‘Pose Cam’ giving a fixed-camera view of each model’s pose.

Joe Lycett says: “Like many people I found great solace from making art during lockdown and am really excited to help get the nation creative through learning about life drawing. Any nudity is just an added bonus!”

Mark Bell, Commissioning Editor at BBC Arts says: “Life Drawing Live! has been an incredible catalyst for the nation’s amateur artists on BBC Four - where tens of thousands of viewers have taken the time to upload their life drawings. Now we are taking it to the next level. For the first time, it will take over the schedules across two channels, giving viewers the option of watching from the sofa on BBC Two, or to go to BBC Four with paper in hand to participate in the class itself. We hope this unprecedented event will entertain and inspire, and hopefully give audiences the chance to up their skills with the charcoal.”

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