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Prime Video have commissioned new documentary Kalvin Phillips: The Road To City, which will charts the footballer's rise from Leeds United academy, to captain the club and now play for Manchester City.

The one-off paints an intimate portrait of a footballer with deep roots and family values as it follows his journey to Manchester City and his injury last year ahead of the FIFA World Cup in Qatar. The film shows how Kalvin balances his domestic and national aspirations and also the adversities he has overcome to represent his home country.

Kalvin Phillips said: "I’m happy to have my story told from behind the scenes to show that there’s a lot more to my life than people see on the surface and on the pitch, to show that at the end of the day I am just a normal person trying to live my dream and do my best and to showcase how important my family and friends are during my career and throughout my life...

"My main objective was to inspire people of all ages that anything you put your mind to and hard work is possible but also to be humble and enjoy every moment of whatever career path you take. And that there’s valuable lessons in every part of life. Take them as positively as you can and keep pushing to reach your dreams."

Anouk Mertens, NEO Studios Global CEO, said: "Following Kalvin’s journey – over the past few years – we were struck by his drive, determination and skill, even at that young age and realised he had a really interesting story to tell about who he is off the pitch and his difficult upbringing. We were fortunate to be let into his personal life and to tell his story as he moved from his beloved home town to Man City."

Kalvin Phillips: The Road To City will land on Prime Video. More details will be announced in due course.


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