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Channel 5 has agreed a new five-year deal with ITN to produce both 5 News and Jeremy Vine in an extension of the current agreement between the two parties.

The deal will enable Channel 5 to maintain its existing Ofcom commitment to deliver a minimum of 280 hours of news each calendar year.

The hour-long 5 News programme at 17:00 will continue to be presented by Dan Walker and Claudia-Liza Vanderpuije, examining and unpacking stories with investigative, regional and social affairs reporting, as well as coverage of international matters.

Jeremy Vine, Channel 5’s morning news and current affairs programme, is home to the nation’s liveliest conversation from 9.15am-11.15am each day. Exploring key themes, great moments and reacting to breaking news on the morning, the programme also hears directly from the public, enabling them to have their voice heard.

Jeremy Vine Extra, which launched in 2022, has also been renewed for one year as part of the deal with ITN. The programme follows Jeremy Vine and runs for 90 minutes to 12.45pm each day. Jeremy Vine Extra will continue to be hosted by Storm Huntley, who co-hosts on Jeremy Vine.

Across 2022, Jeremy Vine and Jeremy Vine Extra reached 13.3m viewers with the show holding a strong share of individuals with kids (6.5% during 2022). In 2022, 5 News at 17:00 reached 19.2m people in the UK, up from 15.5m in 2021, partially aided by the increase from a 30 minute to 1 hour time slot in November 2021.

“We’ve had a long-running and successful partnership with ITN, so I’m pleased to be continuing our work with their production teams on 5 News and Jeremy Vine, both staples of the Channel 5 schedule,” Daniel Pearl, Commissioning Editor, Unscripted, Channel 5 and Paramount+ said. “The deal highlights our dedication to providing our viewers with great reporting and interactive discussion on the stories and moments that really matter.”

Rachel Corp, ITN CEO said: “Our teams at 5 News and Jeremy Vine are at the top of their game, with distinctive journalism and a fresh take on the stories that matter most to our audience. From the cost-of-living crisis to long covid, and studio debates on Ukraine and strikes, this investment from Channel 5 means they will continue to offer unique and important public service programming.”

Cait FitzSimons, Editor, 5 News said: “I am so proud of everything 5 News has achieved in the past few years, and our expanded hour-long programme now means we’re able to tell even more of the stories from around the UK that we know aren’t covered elsewhere. The 5 Phone, our live on-air engagement feature via Whatsapp has been a great success, creating an intimate connection between our presenters and viewers, who trust us to tell their stories each day on air.”

Ian Rumsey, Managing Director of Television at ITN Productions said: "We're delighted that our brilliant team at ITN Productions will continue to make Jeremy Vine for many more years. It's a programme which provides daily conversation, regular controversy and also has a real sense of community. Our callers are at the heart of everything we do and we now have three and a half hours to feature even more of them."

In a separate two-year deal, ITN will continue to supply entertainment news to Channel 5, an arrangement it has had in place for the past eight years.


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