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ITV have decided not to take Jeopardy! to a full series, following a pilot recorded earlier this year.

TV Zone revealed April 2021 that ITV were developing a rebooted version of classic gameshow Jeopardy!, with Good Morning Britain host Richard Madeley lined-up to host the series which was eyed for ITV's daytime schedule.

Based on the American quiz of the same name, Jeopardy's format is often described as backwards, with three contestants per episode having to provide the question to an answer.

Reports from The Sun have revealed that ITV have decided against a full series. A source told the publication: "Richard had high hopes that would have a huge hit with Jeopardy! and it could have really capped his 45-year career...

"But the pilot just didn't work for some reason. Of course, not every format in the US can work for UK audiences, but ITV wasn't prepared to take the risk."

Jeopardy began on Channel 4 in 1983 and aired two series until 1984, hosted by Dereky Hobson. It was then revived by ITV in 1990 with host Chris Donat and later Steven Jones. Sky the revived it again in 1995 for a series hosted by Paul Ross.

TV Zone approached ITV for comment.

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