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ITV reveal the comedy series airing on ITV1 between July and September 2024.


Reprising their roles as the Carr family are Oliver Savell (young Alan), Shaun Dooley (Graham Carr), Nancy Sullivan (Christine Carr) and Taylor Fay (Gary Carr). Also returning are the Carr’s neighbours the Hudsons played by Gabby Best (Angela Hudson), Harry Peacock (Nigel Hudson) and Rourke Mooney (Charlie Hudson).


The Government’s stated policy of recruiting 20,000 new police officers in double quick time has not come at the cost of lowering standards... or has it? This series follows a newly-recruited group of six very different would-be cops and the handful of key staff whose thankless task it is to knock them into some kind of shape.


The magic, chaos and hilarity of the Edinburgh Fringe will be streamed directly to viewers on ITVX this summer in four special shows. This will be the real Edinburgh experience in a venue at the heart of the Fringe with new line-ups each night featuring some of the most exciting comics and breakthrough stars of 2024.


Meet Mae Cannon, a thirty-something who is in a marriage that totally works - she and her husband Elijah have been together for 13 years and there’s a lot of love there, but not a whole lot of excitement...

One night, Mae has a temporary lapse of judgement and meets a hot man at a bar and ends up sleeping with him... She wakes up the next morning in his apartment in a panic and realizes that she has somehow slipped into a parallel universe, married to the same man she cheated on her husband with.


When we first meet Vivian Cunningham, she’s about to end it all - she can’t pay her bills, likes alcohol more than she likes herself, and her mind’s made up when she climbs into a bathtub with her hairdryer. Then the phone rings - the grandad she’s avoided for years has died in his sleep and left her his house.


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