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ITV have announced programming highlights coming to ITVX in August 2023.

3rd August

Jonathan Ross: Must Watch Films

This month’s Jonathan Ross’ monthly film recommendations will cover the selection of Star Trek films available to stream on ITVX, from the original Motion Picture all the way through to Star Trek: Insurrection.

Sanditon Series 3

Familiar faces return with Kris Marshall as determined town developer Tom Parker alongside Kate Ashfield as Mary Parker. Anne Reid’s tour de force Lady Denham is back, as well Jack Fox as Edward Denham and Turlough Convery as Arthur Parker.

Season three sees Colbourne’s ward Augusta Markham played by Eloise Webb return, with Kevin Eldon as Reverend Hankins and Adrian Scarborough as Dr Fuchs.

Series three brings viewers back to the burgeoning seaside resort of Sanditon following the romances, friendships, and struggles of Charlotte, Georgiana, the Parker family and the Denhams. But will new visitors to the picturesque coastal town ruffle some feathers amongst our stalwarts of Sanditon?

The Secrets of the Krays

An in-depth look at the most famous gangsters in British history; Secrets of the Krays features revelatory interviews with those who knew the Krays best, including former gang members, relatives and family friends, as well as celebrity photographer and friend David Bailey, the Krays’ lawyers, and police officers involved in bringing them to justice.

10th August

The Case Against Cosby

Of the sixty-three women who have come forward to accuse Bill Cosby of sexual assault, only one was able to gain a conviction. This is her story. With intimate access to Andrea Constand and her family, Cosby’s prosecutors, journalists in the courtroom, and experts on predation, pedophilia, and trauma, this is a journey that will leave viewers shocked, informed, and deeply changed.

17th August

Reel Britannia

Reel Britannia is a bold, ambitious and visually striking documentary project which tells the colourful and far-reaching story of Modern British cinema in all of its vibrancy.

Decade by decade from 1960, it shows how cinema held a broken mirror up to society to reflect on the youth revolution of the 1960s, the grit of the 1970s, the social divide of the 1980s, the new hope of the 1990s and the social disillusionment of the 00s.

20th August

All American Series 5

Season five finds Spencer and his friends thriving as young adults on the cusp of real adulthood. This season brings its fair share of sexy, messy love lives, hard lessons learned on and off the field, fun college drama, and parties galore. But even when life gets difficult for our crew, they will always find a way to rise from the ashes. Starring Daniel Ezra, Bre-Z and Greta Onieogou.

24th August

Vanishing Act

Drama Vanishing Act tells the story of Melissa Caddick’s disappearance after being confronted by authorities for her alleged multi-million dollar swindling. The three part series portrays Australia in the grip of the mystery as theories abound about Melissa’s fate following the discovery of her disembodied foot inside her running shoe.

Life and Limb: Missing Millionairess.

A new ITV documentary will delve into the life of Australian millionairess Melissa Caddick who went for a morning run in Sydney in November 2020 and never returned home.

31st August


Gamers 2037

In the not-so-distant future, rule-following noob XEON and technology geek GALAHAD secretly follow their estranged friend KITE into an abandoned warehouse. What begins as a simple fact-finding mission into why Kite suddenly stopped being their friend months prior quickly becomes a fight for their lives when they find themselves trapped.


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