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From the makers of Lego Masters, Killer Camp and Release the Hounds comes an epic and hilarious new physical game show for ITV2.

Imagine The Chase meets Gladiators via Mad Max and Burning Man. Welcome to Apocalypse Wow! Five famous faces will enter the Torture Dome… a secret underground club, part BDSM dungeon part super club, part Fight Club. They’ll take on the terrifying Superhuman bosses.

Among them… Master Enormo (one of the world’s strongest men), The Nimble Ninja (a back-flipping parkour master) and The Mermaid (a mermaid). Alone the celebrities would be demolished, but if they can unite, stop bickering amongst themselves and become the perfect team… they might win the day and take home a load of cash for charity.

Each week one celebrity must be eliminated, which means a new famous face will be entering the Torture Dome every episode. Apocalypse Wow! is every party, live event and gig we all missed out


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