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Festive spin-off of Britain's Got Talent to air this Christmas.

The show will be a “Christmas celebration featuring some of the greats of BGT”, with all the judges - including Simon Cowell if possible.

The show will reportedly be pre-recorded next month after the BGT final. Bosses are reportedly hoping to sign names such as Susan Boyle and Paul Potts.

A source told The Mirror: “Simon has not done Christmas before and ITV jumped at the chance to put Britain’s Got Talent at the very heart of their festive schedule. It does huge ratings, so why not unleash it at a different time of year to mix things up a bit."

“The show will be a jam-packed full of Christmas cheer and music. It will not be a competition as such but a celebration of the show.”

UPDATE: The Britain's Got Talent Christmas Special is to record on the evening of Tuesday 13th October with a virtual audience.

However, the virtual audience will be entirely made up of keyworkers from across the UK and their families .

More information, and to apply for tickets, click here.


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