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The Secret Life of Our Pets meets remarkable pets from around the world, whose owners have tapped into their hidden skills, turning them into internet sensations.

With the help of the very latest science and brand new camera technology, this exciting new show for ITV reveals that our pets are hiding incredible super powers, wonderful quirks of evolution that make them not just perfect human companions, but extraordinary in their own right.

This 4x60 series, produced by Oxford Scientific Films, digs deep into our pets inner lives to discover the secrets that until now they’ve kept hidden, from spectacular feats of communication to extraordinary athleticism, extreme super senses and unique physical abilities.

Using state of the art cinematography, fun experiments and a specially created studio, the Secret Life of Our Pets will uncover their amazing secret abilities honed for a life in the wild, and show how if we know how to tap into them we can make our relationships with the furry, scaly and feathered members of our families infinitely richer and more enjoyable.


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