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ITV will become a Net Zero carbon business by 2030, as part of its ongoing commitment to "creating the biggest shows with the smallest footprint".

ITV will achieve net zero on all programmes it produces and commissions by "requiring all programme makers to achieve albert certification and therefore reduce the impact of their production, and take part in albert's Creative Offsets programme that invests in certified tree planting projects that take out of the atmosphere the volume of carbon emitted as a result of the production, thereby making the production net zero." ITV will make all global business travel net zero by reducing business travel emissions by 28% according to ITV’s science based target, and introducing an internal price of carbon at the point of purchase, which will be invested into certified carbon sequestration projects such as tree planting.

Julian Bellamy, Managing Director of ITV Studios said: "This bold commitment will literally see ITV produce the biggest shows with the smallest footprint. Achieving net zero in our productions will require creativity and ingenuity at all levels of the production process. It won’t be easy, but we are ready for the journey ahead.”


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