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IF YOU MISSED IT - ITV have reportedly commissioned a new major reality series, produced by Thames (a Fremantle label) which will see a group of celebrities experience what life is like on Mars.

Image: Stars On Mars (Fox, US)

During their stay, the celebrities will experience 'authentic conditions' that simulate life on Mars. They must use their "brains, brawn and social skills" to outlast the competition to be crowned the Brightest Star In The Galaxy.

The celebrities will compete in missions and will vote to eliminate one of their crewmates each episode, sending them back to Earth. A teaser for the US version shares: "Cue the intergalactic alliances and rivalries. ‘Stars on Mars’ will send these famous rookie space travelers where no one has gone before and reveal who has what it takes to survive life on ‘Mars.’"

A source told The Sun: "This show is zany and different – audiences haven’t seen anything like it before. It will be a challenge and some will struggle with the conditions. The celebs will live, sleep and eat together – and those who don’t cut the mustard will get voted off."

Image: Stars On Mars (Fox, US)

The show is understood to be in pre-production, with producers seeking a presenter and casting the celebrity contestants. More details will be revealed in due course.

TV Zone approached ITV for comment.


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