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Channel 5 have commissioned A Hotel Through Time (6x60'), a new factual series where each episode will look at an iconic hotel and how these hotels have lasted the test of time.

Time hopping through history, the series will look beyond each hotel’s opulent exterior to reveal the stories within, from murder and majesty, celebrity scandals to key political decisions, innovation and architecture, as well as the unique exclusive experience each establishment offers its clientele, addressing all that has contributed to its legendary status. 

In addition to exclusive archive material, the series will feature interviews with each hotel’s former staff and patrons, along with journalists, historians, biographers and celebrities.

Claire Runham, Head of Acquisitions at BossaNova said: “It’s convention, when you’re launching a new show, to say it offers something for everyone. I’m here to tell you that A Hotel Through Time really does. Want a Royal love tryst or a Hollywood star behaving badly? How about a murder-suicide involving a French aristocrat, his mistress and a silk sock?..

"Perhaps you’d be surprised to hear where the Queen learned to ice skate, or where the real James Bond devised his heroic WWI spy missions? Look no further. But as well as universal appeal, this series underscores the success of our Dev Day concept in terms of bringing together great ideas with great partners to get great television onto the world’s screens.”

Connie Fisher, Head of Development at Wildflame Productions added: “We are absolutely thrilled to win the first commission to emerge from BossaNova’s Development Day 2023 initiative for Channel 5.  In the current environment, it’s more important than ever that we all work together to get great projects off the ground, and we are delighted to be partnering with BossaNova on A Hotel Through Time...

"Wildflame has a huge amount of experience in delivering entertaining historical factual content, exemplified by our recent Royal Residences feature docs for Channel 5, and we hope that A Hotel Through Time will prove just as popular as those shows have been.”

Lucy Willis, Commissioning Editor, Channel 5, said: “We’re delighted to be working with Wildflame again on this project.  The big, landmark hotels have a fascinating history.  We will be taking our viewers on a trip through the years, uncovering how these iconic hotels have changed down the decades.”

Transmission details will be announced in due course.


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