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The BBC has acquired the gripping new Australian mystery series High Country for BBC iPlayer and TV channels, from Curio Pictures and Sony Pictures Television.

A fictional story inspired by true events, High Country is an eight-part thriller that revolves around detective Andrea (Andie) Whitford, who is transferred to the Victorian High Country and thrust into a baffling mystery of five missing persons who have vanished into the wilderness.

Through an edge-of-the-seat, high-stakes investigation, Andie uncovers a complex web involving murder, deceit and revenge.

The series stars Leah Purcell (Wentworth, Drover’s Wife: The Legend of Molly Johnson), Ian McElhinney (Game of Thrones, Derry Girls), Sara Wiseman (Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes, A Place to Call Home) and Aaron Pedersen (Mystery Road, Jack Irish).

Sue Deeks, Head of BBC Programme Acquisition, says: ‘With its eerie setting and tense atmosphere, High Country is a gripping new take on Australian rural noir’.

High Country is produced by Curio Pictures, a wholly owned subsidiary of Sony Pictures Television (SPT), worldwide distributor for the series, in association with Rage Media. Created by Marcia Gardner and John Ridley.


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