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Having explored what it means to be a woman and the role money plays in our lives, acclaimed actor and director Kathy Burke turns her attention to age.

As she celebrates turning 58, Kathy naturally contemplates getting older and explores the lives and experiences of the old and the young. Over two funny and revealing episodes, Kathy asks; should we fight or accept old age? And is it now easier or harder to be young in today's world?

To help her in this quest of discovery, she meets some ordinary people with extraordinary lives and views on being young today and getting older, as well as some famous faces, who share their experiences and insights, including showbiz pals Jennifer Saunders, Bill Bailey, Charlotte Church and TikTok sensation Francis Bourgeois.

Kathy spends time with Jennifer Saunders and Bill Bailey to find out whether they are accepting ageing or are in a fight to retain their youth. She also meets sociologist Rania Hafezwho explains the reason older people are often left out of society due to the belief that they lose consumer power and are therefore less valuable in a capitalist world.

A dominatrix explains why she's still working in her 70s and has never been busier. And Kathy visits a unique funeral parlour in Croydon that reveals the lengths people will go to avoid the problem of death.

The two-part series airs this March on Channel 4.


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