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Channel 4 have commissioned a further two series Grand Designs: The Street, following the first series which aired in 2019. Alongside Kevin, will be new co-presenter Natasha Huq, an Edinburgh-based, award-winning architect.

Host Kevin McCloud will return to the UK’s largest mass self-build site, Graven Hill, Oxfordshire, to observe the trials, setbacks and successes of future residents endeavouring to craft their own, highly individual homes.

Kevin McCloud said: “We witnessed the very beginnings of the Graven Hill site in the first series of The Street and it was an honour to spend time alongside our ten plucky guinea pigs. Now we’re back to follow more projects as Britain’s largest self-build community really gets going. I’m also excited to be able to look at other pilot projects such as Glasgow in this series. Self-build and custom-build are here to stay and at this rate they’re going to make a big contribution to Britain’s housing supply.”

Ian Dunkley, Commissioning Editor for Channel 4 said, “Both new series of Grand Designs: The Street will capture the spirit of community that these incredible self-build streets engender, as the determination, resilience and ambition of the builders shines through, to create something extraordinary.”

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