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The critically acclaimed detective drama returns for a fourth series starring John Simm as Detective Superintendent Roy Grace and based on the best-selling novels from globally renowned author Peter James.

The four feature-length films are all set in Brighton - joining John Simm are returning cast members Richie Campbell (Top Boy, Stephen) as DS Glenn Branson, Zoë Tapper (Liar) as Cleo Morey, Craig Parkinson (Line of Duty) as DS Norman Potting, Laura Elphinstone (Chernobyl) as DS Bella Moy, Brad Morrison (Dinosaur) as DC Nick Nicholl and Sam Hoare (The Capture) as ACC Cassian Pewe.

This series will also feature renowned TV and theatre actor, Robert Glenister (Sherwood, Hustle). The first film in the new series is called Dead Man’s Time - a vicious robbery at a secluded Brighton home draws Grace and Branson into a puzzling enquiry when thousands of pounds worth of beautiful antiques are stolen from the house.

As Grace digs deeper into this mysterious crime, he unearths a web of ancient grudges, a web which leads him down a dark and murderous trail through the world of Brighton antiques in a race against the clock to untangle who is at the heart of this robbery and bring Gavin Daly the answers he has been desperately chasing for many years.

In episode two, Want You Dead, Grace and Branson investigate a case where nothing is truly as it first appears. When an unidentified victim is found dead in curious circumstances, the post mortem reveals more questions than it does answers - as Grace works to identify the body hoping this might provide some crucial clue as to the killer’s motive, he soon has another death on his hands when a second victim shows up in central Brighton discovered in similarly bizarre circumstances.

You Are Dead is episode three - here Grace and Branson are thrown into what is possibly their most disturbing and high-profile case yet when an unsettling discovery of skeletal remains is unearthed by workmen digging up a path in central Brighton. Meanwhile, across the city that same morning, a victim is snatched in broad daylight - with no witnesses and no sign of who took her, Grace starts to suspect that the victim’s fiancé is lying to the police.

The final episode in the series is Love You Dead - when a known Brighton burglar is found dead in his car in gruesome circumstances, his wife claims that he had turned over a new leaf, but all the evidence points to the fact the victim may still have been up to his old tricks and was breaking and entering on the night he was killed.

As Grace and the team work to hone in on the circumstances leading to the victim’s death, Roy receives a call from a US police contact about a crime abroad which bears the hallmarks of a Mafia hit - the police are keen to trace a woman they believe to be from Brighton who could be in danger. As Roy scours the city to help find her, it becomes apparent he isn’t the only one looking for this mysterious woman.

Grace returns later this Summer on ITV1.


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