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As exclusively revealed on Morning Live earlier today (Tuesday 30 May) Athena and Comet are the latest Gladiators ready to take on the contenders at the arena in Sheffield for the most iconic and exciting sports entertainment gameshows, coming to BBC One and iPlayer.


A combination of brain, brawn and beauty, Karenjeet Kaur Bains, is just like the Ancient Greek Goddess of War and Wisdom, Athena. Representing Team GB, she is a winner of 3 Gold and 2 Silver Commonwealth Powerlifting medals, the five time All England Powerlifting Champion and five time British Powerlifting Champion.

She’s represented Great Britain at the World and European Championships, and holds the Guinness World Record for the “Most Bodyweight Squats in a minute”…. As well as being an Chartered Accountant! Very proud of her South Asian heritage, as the first Sikh Gladiator she wants to inspire people of all backgrounds to achieve their full potential.

She may be small but she’s mighty. Contenders, be afraid if you come up against the full force of Athena. Athena (aka AKA Karanjeet Kaur Bains) says: “I represent all those from diverse and minority backgrounds, especially women, that have ever been denied the opportunity to pursue their dreams in sport. I hope I can be a role model and show the levels a female can achieve, if she is given the opportunity to follow her passion and given the wings to fly!”


Like a Comet, Ella-Mae Rayner is a sight to behold! A former elite gymnast, she made the move into semi-professional in Diving before starting her degree in Sport Science. At university she successfully coached and competed in University Cheerleading Championships. But it wasn’t until she suffered a career changing ankle injury, that she found her love for the gym. She now trains 6 times a week, alongside being a Fitness Model & Coach. Comet is a force of nature, flashing past you. Collide with her and you’ll be dust!

Comet (aka Ella-Mae Rayner) says: – “I’m absolutely thrilled to be Comet. I loved watching Gladiators growing up. I specifically remember Jet, she was an icon for me as a child and one of the reasons I become a gymnast. I can’t believe I will be following in her footsteps. It really is a dream come true”.

Athena and Comet join the previously announced Sabre, Apollo, Dynamite, Nitro, Diamond, Giant, Fire, Legend, Fury and Steel as part of the new generation of mighty Gladiators ready to challenge a brave set of contenders in the 11-part series made by Hungry Bear Media and MGM Alternative UK. They will take part in the ultimate test of speed and strength in a series of brand new games alongside classics culminating with fan-favourite The Eliminator.

Further information about Gladiators including broadcast details will be announced in due course.


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