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In a brand-new Channel 4 series from the makers of Amazing Spaces, George Clarke meets people around the country who are planning ambitious or emotional renovations in the places they used to call home.

All around the UK, there are stories of people ditching rented flats in the city for a slice of the good life closer to relatives, or young families returning to their roots to give their children the carefree upbringing they had. This series celebrates the towns, villages and remote islands around the UK and the people returning to build their dream home.

George will be following the highs and lows of these building renovations and the brave people taking the biggest gamble of their lives, for the best reason: the chance to go home.

George Clarke’s Building Home (w/t) is a 6 x 60’ series commissioned for Channel 4 by Clemency Green, Senior Commissioning Editor for Daytime and Features and Jo Street, Head of Daytime and Features. The programme will be series produced by Stephen Leigh and executive produced by Will Daws, Managing Director of Plum Pictures.

George Clarke comments: “It’s 15 years since my first appearance on Channel 4 and what an amazing journey it’s been. As an architect and presenter, I’ve been lucky enough to visit, explore and even redesign some of the most unique homes and buildings all over the world, while making wonderful and inspiring TV programmes along the way. I’m so excited about this new series where people are returning back to the places they grew up to put down new roots, while taking on an ambitious home-building project at the same time. It’s going to be life-changing stuff. There really is ‘no place like home’.”

Clemency Green, Senior Commissioning Editor for Daytime and Features on Channel 4 adds: “We’re always surprised and delighted by the incredible homes George Clarke and the team at Plum Pictures find around the world. I can’t wait for viewers to join George once again treating us to an inside look at some amazing architecture and interiors.”

Will Daws, Managing Director of Plum Pictures comments: “This is so much more than a build show- this is about people, community, and the yearning to return to the places we once called home. But of course, there will be plenty of ambitious and glorious builds along the way!”


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