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Good Morning Britain presenter Kate Garraway is reportedly set to front a new ITV series which will see a specialised team descend on a house where the occupants have to adapt after a lifechanging event, such as an accident or illness.

A source told The Sun: "Kate is the perfect person to front a show like this given that she knows all about adapting to looking after someone since hubby Derek returned from hospital..."

"Although she’s a very different character to Nick [Knowles], she’s hugely popular with viewers who see her as a down to earth figure. She really connects with the public because, like many people, she has gone through a rough time since the pandemic started. At this stage the show is just a pilot, which was filmed this autumn...

"But ITV have high hopes it will become a new series in the new year. They’re keen to provide a platform for Kate as her profile has soared."

Also in the new year, Kate will front Caring for Derek (w/t) - the follow up to the award-winning ITV film Finding Derek, shown in Spring 2021, which charted how Derek Draper’s family coped while he was critically ill in hospital with Covid-19.

This time camera follow Kate and the family from the first moments Derek arrives home in April, to Christmas 2021 - a period of considerable upheaval and uncertainty. We follow Kate as she navigates the challenges of the social care system, negotiates the potential traps and unpicks the complexities that seem to be inherent in the system.

More information - including transmission details - will be revealed in due course.


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