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Paramount+ original UK drama series. Flatshare (6x45’), starring Jessica Brown Findlay and Anthony Welsh.

Based on the bestselling book by Beth O’Leary, Flatshare follows two cash-strapped twentysomethings, Tiffany and Leon, who share a bed. The catch is, Tiffany and Leon have never met and, if their plan works out, they never will.

With neither able to afford to rent their own flat, they decide to time-share a bed as Tiffany spends her days earning minimum wage for minimum appreciation at a clickbait news website and Leon works long night shifts in a hospice.

As the Post-its start to fly, both get unexpectedly drawn into the other’s messy, complex lives, and an attraction evolves backwards.

Also joining the cast of Flatshare are Bart Edwards (The Witcher, State of Happiness, Unreal) as Tiffany’s ex-boyfriend Justin and Shaq B. Grant (The Box, Gangs of London) as Leon’s brother Richie. Shaniqua Okwok (It’s a Sin, Wolfe) and Jonah Hauer-King (World on Fire, The Little Mermaid) play Tiffany’s best friends Maia and Mo.

Viacom's Sebastian Cardwell said: “Flatshare gives a flavour of the high-quality local content that viewers can look forward to from Paramount+. With VIS and 42 at the helm, and a brilliant cast attached, I’m looking forward to seeing this adaptation of a much-loved novel come to life.”

More details will be revealed in due course.


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