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PREVIEW: First Dates Teens (Episode 5), E4

Teen First Dates finds hungry-for-love teenagers taking their first steps into the daunting world of dating.

In the fifth episode, 17-year-old A-level student Genevieve is ready to lose her dating L plates. Dressed perfectly in pink, she is desperate to make a good impression on her first ever date. When edgy Maisie arrives all in black, Genevieve's eyes light up, but can she play it cool?

Billy from Kent has groomed himself to perfection. Beauty blogger Rebecca the same. But does their first date shine?

Seventies-styled Sonny believes he was born in the wrong era - and has the flares and collar to prove it. Sonny is eager to meet a girl who shares his passion for all things retro and when Summer arrives listening to 'Dirty Dancing' on a Walkman, Sonny is on cloud nine.

Engineering student Lauren wants to meet a Northerner 'with a dad bod, who's got some moves.' Mancunian Luke not only has the moves, but seems to be making the right ones on Lauren.

Teen First Dates continues Monday at 10pm on E4.


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