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PREVIEW: First Dates Hotel (S6E1), Channel 4

A new batch of British singletons are looking for love in the sun. The rooms are fully booked and manager Fred Sirieix and his team of cupids are on hand to ensure that every whim of the singletons is fully met.

In this episode, 24-year-old Thalia is getting her pre-date tan on. A string of unhappy relationships has left Thalia with a phobia of kissing - but for the right man, she'd give it a go. Her date with 25-year-old Essex lad Jack gets off to great start when they discover a shared love of sharks.

Meanwhile, 79-year-old Tony, who was born on the day when World War II started, has had a colourful life. He was widowed seven years ago, and is looking for someone to share his twilight years. He's paired with the glamourous Lesley, a fellow East Ender. But a surprising difference of political opinions threatens to derail this date late in the day.

Rural Wiltshire-born horse lover Winston says being 'the only gay in the village' makes meeting potential dates difficult. But he's in for a shock when the 'other gay in the village' walks into the bar.

The second episode of the new series of First Dats Hotel is available to watch on All 4 on the same day.


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