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First Dates returns, with the new series launching in the brand-new Manchester restaurant.

First into the new restaurant is 23-year-old Tory Jessie, a parliamentary assistant, who's not conservative about talking sex and politics on a date but worries that this scares guys off. Taking her on is 25-year-old journalist Josh, who has been sworn at on dates for his strong opinions.

Self-confessed former ladies' man Winston, a 69-year-old ex-roadie who's had Metallica round to his Manchester home, wants someone to settle down with after surviving prostate cancer. He pulls out all the stops to impress 60-year-old glamorous grandma Donna.

Kristina, a 37-year-old Lithuanian spa therapist, went for the wrong men when she moved to the UK, and is now looking for an older guy who's ready to start a family with her. Her date with cheery 43-year-old car salesman Billy is filled with laughter, but is he her idea of the perfect English gentleman?

Alan, who's 32 and works in a greasy spoon, has exhausted Rotherham's gay scene, and wants to settle down with someone who knows nothing of his promiscuous past. His match, 36-year-old casino manager Stephen, is also from Rotherham, and instantly recognises Alan. Will these former friends-with-benefits grab a second shot at love?

First Dates returns Tuesday 19th January on Channel 4.


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