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Father Brown returns with a brand new series. In the first episode, Father Brown investigates when rivalries escalate to murderous heights at the Kembleston Olimpicks.

Mrs Devine (Claudie Blakley) is shocked when her son Eddie (Barney Wilkinson) returns to Kembleford. She is determined to keep her new relationship with Chief Inspector Sullivan (Tom Chambers) a secret from everyone, although Father Brown (Mark Williams) and Brenda (Ruby-May Martinwood) know exactly what’s going on!

Soon the competitive nature of the games starts to show, with disgruntled gardener Patty Frewin (Erin Shanager) blaming Dr Geoffrey Fleming (Toby Williams) for her withdrawal from the competition, while Shirley Fraser (Amy Trigg) is also unusually edgy around the doctor.

Elsewhere, Geoffrey disqualifies his own brother Brian (Kelvin Fletcher), much to the delight of Hambleston captain, William Redshaw (Esh Alladi). When Hambleston competitor Ursula Fanshaw (Barbara D’Alterio) is poisoned during the spinach eating contest, it soon transpires that Geoffrey was the intended target.

Can Father Brown identify the killer before they strike again?

Father Brown is a BBC Studios (10 x 45) production for BBC One and BBC iPlayer. The Executive Producer for BBC Studios is Neil Irvine and the Commissioning Editor for the BBC is Helen Munson.


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