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Update by Dan, Eurovision Correspondent

Guest Contributor

Italian media outlet, La Stampa, have reported technical issues with this year’s Eurovision Song Contest stage.

Stage designs for this year’s event showcased a kinetic sun element, consisting of multiple arches housing lighting and several LED screens. The arches were planned to move by motorisation, depending on the staging of each act. It has been reported that this element has entirely malfunctioned, resulting in the arches having extremely limited movement.

Given the timeframe required to repair the fault and with rehearsals already underway in Turin, the decision has been made by organisers to prepare alterations, limiting the extent to which the kinetic sun will move.

The below simulation video shows what organisers had planned for this year’s stage, with the kinetic sun in full movement.

Photo’s from today’s rehearsals, via the EBU, show how the stage is being utilised.

The first rehearsal of Iceland - Systur (© EBU / NATHAN REINDS)

The first rehearsal of Austria - LUM!X feat. Pia Maria (© EBU / NATHAN REINDS)

The first rehearsal of Portugal - Maro (© EBU / NATHAN REINDS)


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