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EastEnders actors Angela Wynter and Rudolph Walker will take centre stage in a poignant two-hander episode set to air in early May.


The episode will centre around Patrick and Yolande as he discovers that she was sexually assaulted by Pastor Clayton, and the immediate aftermath that follows.  The revelation will be the catalyst for Yolande to finally break her silence about the assault as she shares her ordeal with her life partner.

For Patrick, it will end weeks of confusion about Yolande’s well-being but begin a new, difficult journey as he tries to process what has happened and how best to support Yolande.


EastEnders Executive Producer Chris Clenshaw said of the episode: “When you have a story that deserves time and space to explore, and you have talent like Angela Wynter and Rudoph Walker, it felt only right to produce an EastEnders two-hander episode...

"This conversation is the most difficult that Yolande and Patrick will ever have, and an episode dedicated to them gives us a chance to tell this story truthfully and authentically. I’m in awe of the performances Angela and Rudolph have given and they’ve handled such a challenging and sensitive subject matter.”


The Truemans’ two-hander episode will air on Tuesday 7th May 2024.


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