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Channel 4 has commissioned a new daytime series where dinner guests will guess which of them are related to a celebrity host.

In each programme, one celebrity will enter the “DNA Dining Room” to host a dinner party with a difference for four guests they’ve never met. All will have taken a DNA test and at least one of the guests will be related to the famous face. The game is to work out who. If the celebrity host and the diners can successfully guess who is related, the diners will share a cash prize.

Each programme will explore interesting family history stories from the celebrity and the diners which could reveal clues to the family connection or potential red herrings.

Salamanda Media’s Amanda De Freitas comments: “We're so excited to be working with Channel 4 on this innovative new DNA guessing game format which promises to reveal genuine surprises and extraordinary family stories!”

Channel 4’s Jayne Stanger, Commissioning Editor, Daytime & Features comments: “DNA Diners has been commissioned as a really innovative way of approaching the topics of history and culture in daytime on 4. We’re looking forward to hearing the ancestry stories of some of our favourite celebrities and their dining room companions.”


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