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ITV are reportedly developing a rebooted version of hit daytime gameshow Deal Or No Deal, according to reports.

According to new reports from The Sun, ITV are in the 'early stages' of developing the reboot, with Catchphrase and In For A Penny's Stephen Mulhern thought to be the favourite to host the new series.

Deal Or No Deal was a Channel 4 daytime gameshow hosted by Noel Edmonds, which ran from 2005-2016. Over 3,000 episodes were broadcast across 13 series.

A source told The Sun :"Deal Or No Deal was absolutely huge back in the day and pulled in millions of viewers. ITV think there is still a huge appetite for it and think they could make a huge success of the show if they brought it back...

"Plans for the reboot are in the very early stages and the details of when it could come back are being closely guarded. There have been discussions around Noel possibly returning but ITV decided they want to give the show a completely fresh look and feel...

"Stephen has been approached about being the new host of the show which is something he is over-the-moon about. He has really proven himself to ITV and after he got his own show In For A Penny, as well as Catchphrase, bosses think Stephen could be ideal for it."

In the original version, 22 people start - each with a box containing a secret amount of money. However, only one lucky person is picked to play for the big prize.

That player has to choose from the 22 boxes, which contain anything from 1p up to 250,000 pounds. One by one the player selects boxes to be eliminated revealing the different amounts of money inside.

Each time an unseen opponent, the Banker, offers the player cash to buy back their box.

Are they brave enough to go all the way and find out if the jackpot's in their box? Or do they play safe, make a deal with the banker and leave the game?

TV Zone has approached ITV for comment.


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