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When Chris Hughes appeared on live television to have a testicular examination it made a huge impact. Facebook views of the clip total over thirty-five million and continue to rise.

Chris, who rose to fame on Love Island, was aiming to raise awareness for testicular cancer and encourage men to check themselves. What he didn’t expect was the effect it would have closer to home.

As a consequence of that appearance and inspired by his brother for having had the ‘balls’ to do it, Chris’s older brother Ben checked himself for the first time, found a lump and was diagnosed with testicular cancer. Prior to an operation to have his testicle removed, Ben went to freeze his sperm for potential use after the operation. It was during this process that he discovered his sample didn’t contain any sperm at all.

Ben’s cancer diagnosis has brought the fertility issue into focus for both brothers. Chris previously had a health scare due to a problem with his testicles and has subsequently undergone several operations. His last sperm test was six years ago and he is long overdue another test.

Chris Hughes says: “What started as an attempt to shed light on an issue that affects so many men turned into an incredibly personal journey for me and my family and has brought me even closer to my brother, Ben. I also learned things about male fertility that really surprised me, so hopefully people will find the documentary educational. Fertility is often a subject that guys don’t consider until it might be too late, so I’m hoping this documentary will raise awareness and help men who might be struggling with these issues.”

Me, My Brother And Our Balls airs on Monday 5th October at 9pm on BBC One

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