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For the first time cameras have been allowed to film with a top secret police unit, embedded with them as they use covert tactics to bring down an organised crime group.

Filmed over three years in the UK, Brazil and Spain, The Sex Traffickers (w/t) had unprecedented access to teams from the South West Regional Organised Crime Unit and the Spanish Policia Nacional.

There are thought to be 136,000 people living in modern slavery in the UK, making organised crime groups millions of pounds, but it’s one of the hardest crimes to prove and police need to use every tactic they have to bring the traffickers down. Embedded with large scale surveillance teams, this series shows the painstaking methods deployed by officers to investigate the criminals without them ever knowing, and identifying the illicit network, before striking.

Story Films' Peter Beard said: “This was an incredibly exciting opportunity to be at the heart of something we’ve never seen in a documentary before. At times I felt as though we were in a spy thriller but meeting the victims of trafficking brought home the reality that these women face. The stakes are so high.”

Channel 4's Alisa Pomeroy commented: “Never before have we seen this level of highly sensitive, covert policing on British TV, bringing to light the police’s important work in bringing perpetrators of human trafficking to justice.”

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