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CBBC have commissioned Yeti Television to produce a new anti-bullying documentary, which was ordered to mark National Anti-Bullying Week next month.

The 30-minute documentary follows the stories of three children who have learned to deal with bullying by setting out to achieve their own goals. The film also features appearances from Premier League stars Declan Rice and Jack Grealish, as well as musician Chelcee Grimes, all of whom have experienced bullying themselves.

Rice and Grealish will help a young aspiring footballer who started his own anti-bullying campaign gain recognition as an anti-bullying ambassador from a leading UK charity, while Grimes will write a song with a young singer who was bullied on social media after appearing on The Voice.

Yeti's Sian Price said: "It’s never easy to open up and we are so grateful for the bravery of Brooke, Alfie and Soffia in talking so frankly and sharing their experiences of being bullied in a bid to help others...

"The fact that they each found different ways to deal with things and have continued to pursue their dreams is nothing short of inspiring."

The documentary will air on CBBC and be available on BBC iPlayer.


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