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Alaska are making a 90-minute special for Channel 5’s Christmas Schedule that will see a top 30 countdown format applied to TV’s most infamous interviews.

Image: BBC/Newsnight

‘The 30 Most Shocking TV Interviews Ever!’ will see the likes of Matthew Wright, Kathy Lette, John Sergeant and Reginald D.Hunter analysing the TV interviews from round the world which have made history for all the wrong reasons

From Prince Andrew’s grilling by Emily Maitlis to the Bee Gees storming off Clive Anderson Talks Back to The Sex Pistols Vs Bill Grundy, which cost the latter his job, the show will revisit some of television’s most explosive interview moments.

Exec Producer, Ian Lamarra said:" I love countdown shows. They are such a successful TV treat so I’m excited to be making this special for Channel 5. My ambition, if audiences come to it, is to expand ‘Top 30 most shocking…ever!’ into a returnable brand.

TV interviews is a great start. The clips are sometimes hilarious, sometimes excruciating and the countdown format means each one outdoes the last and the viewer HAS to stay tuned to see what is number 1. Its brilliant family viewing and perfect for Christmas on 5."

The special was commissioned by Sebastian Cardwell and Greg Barnett and will feature as part of Channel 5’s Christmas offering.


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