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Jeremy Vine is to front a new Channel 5 debate show, which is seen as a pilot for a potential series.

ITN Productions lines up Jeremy Vine-fronted live debate format

Channel 5 is preparing a ‘Question Time on steroids’ live debate show, hosted by Jeremy Vine.

The current one-off, produced by ITN Productions, will air later this month with a focus on the cost of living crisis and the anger and anxiety that is 'engulfing the country'.

The programme will come live from ITN's London studios, where Jeremy Vine will chair a panel of guests in front of a live studio audience, who promise a wide range of opinions and perspectives from around Britain.

ITN Productions' Managing Director, Ian Rumsey, said: "There has never been a better time for people to share their stories and vent their frustrations. There’s a general feeling of helplessness right now. This programme will be the place where people try to put our world to rights."

Broadcast reports that Channel 5 are eying up a full commission should the the upcoming episode prove popular.

Can't Eat, Can't Heat - Who's to Blame? airs Monday 12th September at 9pm on Channel 5.

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