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Channel 4 and Instagram today announce the world’s first real-time social reality series told through social media. You Do You will air exclusively on Instagram from Sunday 14th November 2021.

The ground-breaking four-part social series is set in the bustling UK city of Manchester and follows the lives of a group of young creatives, whose relatable stories are shared with their Instagram community.

Across four episodes, this innovative new digital series, produced by Interstellar in partnership with Instagram, introduces us to the lives of SINDYSPLACE – a collective of young creatives who are artists, lovers, collaborators and best friends.

They’re creating and developing their own distinctive brand of content whilst using Instagram to document their lives, communicate with each other, the rest of the world – and explore who they are.

Throughout the series, we’ll delve deep into their world as they make their name on the vibrant Manchester scene, creating music, designing clothing and artwork, and hosting inclusive events that bring together their shared aesthetic and throw a light on British youth culture all via Instagram.

We’ll meet Sindysman, a 23 year-old music student and rapper, China-Lilly, a 23 year-old singer/songwriter and student and Maisie, a 22 year-old fashion designer, as they explore their vital role within the collective and what makes them individually unique.

David Amodio, Deputy Head of Digital Innovation & 4Studio said: “We’re really excited to reveal You Do You, an exciting first of its kind partnership with Instagram made exclusively for Channel 4’s Instagram channel. 4Studio continues to lead the reinvention of branded social entertainment - from drama and documentaries to comedy and entertainment and now reality, pushing boundaries with bold brand partners whilst accelerating Channel 4’s digital growth.”

Jason Miller, EMEA Consumer Marketing Manager, Instagram: “We are delighted to partner with Channel 4 as part of the Yours To Make brand campaign and to bring You Do You to an exclusively Instagram audience.

The show is a celebration of British youth culture and the young people that continue to explore and experiment with who they are through Instagram. We can’t wait for audiences to be introduced to the characters and watch their individual journeys as they navigate life and pursue their passions.”


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