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Australian comedy starring Katherine Parkinson as Lauren, who's having a fantastic time enjoying the spoils of the dating apps, until she finds out first-hand about the Anti-Hoon laws and their consequences.

Meanwhile, she's still got to try to keep on top of her growing workload, date an ex-rugby player, somehow get Abby's costume back from the impounded car, and there's the issue of her ex-husband Jake and his missing goggles.

Just when it couldn't get any more ridiculous, Lola takes something rather inappropriate to school for show and tell. Spreadsheet launched on Paramount+ in Australia in 2021.

Nick Lee, Channel 4’s head of acquisitions, said: “Spreadsheet is a hilarious, risqué comedy which we are thrilled to be showing on Channel 4 and All 4. It has a distinctive, strong voice which we know will really resonate with our audience.”

The full series will be available to stream or download for free on All 4 following the transmission of episode one on Wednesday 18th May.


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